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Tap at Tokyo Stadium in 2020!

Its appeal lies in the fast pace.
The Japanese team is world-class.

Sevens is a t ype of rugby played by teams with seven players instead of 15. The field is the same size even though the number of players is reduced, and the result is a game that is more dynamic with greater ball movement and a faster pace. Rugby World Cup Sevens is held once every four years, and the sevens format also became an official Olympic sport with men’s and women’s competitions for the first time at the Olympics Games Rio de Janeiro 2016. At the Rio games, the Japanese men’s team scored a huge victory over gold medal favorite New Zealand and wound up taking 4th place. The team will certainly attract attention in 2020 as one of the top squads vying for the world’s #1 spot.

Rugby SevensRules

Same fieldas 15-player rugby

It’s a 7-on-7 game. Since fewer players have to cover the large field, the ball travels longer distances and the keys to success are speed, agility and handling skill. Scrums are made up of three players from each team.

Each game lasts about 15 minutes

There are two seven-minute halves in each game, with the exception of the final of a competition, which has two 10-minute halves. Halftime is no longer than two minutes. Since the games are over in about 15 minutes, it’s possible to hold 10 or more matches in a single day.

Sevens competitions are like festivals! To keep the fans engaged, sevens competitions
are like festivals. Background music and other
entertainment are provided, and fans often
attend matches dressed up. At a sevens
competition, one can enjoy a very different
atmosphere from that of a 15-on-15 tournament.
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